12 Unexpected Habits That Help Balance Your Hormones Naturally

Maintaining a hormonal balance is crucial in protecting our overall health.

Since hormones are chemical messengers that move rapidly in our bloodstream, they help our organs do what they’re supposed to do.

Starting at menopause, women and men start having to live with a drop in the production of hormones and should take extra care to maintain their health.

However, in addition to the drop in hormone production already expected during this time, people may also develop a thyroid nodule which greatly affects our hormonal balance.

Hormones affect our lives in a number of ways because they regulate crucial aspects such as: – our body temperature; – sexual appetite; – growth and development of organs; – reasoning and our humor; – our metabolism, that is, our ability to breakdown nutrients.

12 Unexpected Habits That Help Balance Your Hormones Naturally

The balance of hormones is essential for a healthy body. Unfortunately, they may become unbalanced when changes occur in the thyroid gland.

The thyroid is shaped like a small butterfly and is located in the neck, above the collarbone. It produces the hormones that will control the rhythm of the body’s various activities.

That includes the body’s ability to burn calories and control the heartbeat. Because this balance is somewhat delicate, we need to maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle to avoid any damage, such as thyroid nodule formation, which may impede the regular production and release of hormones in the body.

People with a thyroid nodule problem may also benefit from these changes. Here’s how to protect your thyroid and improve your hormone balance:

– Increase your intake of vitamin D through food, supplements, or even sunlight.

– Incorporate kelp into your diet to benefit from the iodine.

– Eat seafood rich in selenium.

– Include zinc in your daily diet.

– Try to drink coconut water regularly.

– Drink natural fruit and vegetable juices.

– Exercise regularly.

– Spend plenty of time outside in the fresh air, going places such as beach and parks.

– Rest, try to have fun, and stay in a good mood.

– Learn to eat green leafy vegetables like cabbage and broccoli.

They should be consumed regularly, but also sparingly, since their nutrients in excess can lead to hypothyroidism.

– Try to reduce your stress levels.

– Remove processed foods from your diet.

– Avoid soy-based foods. These tips appear simple, but certain habits can be very difficult to break.

Don’t try to do everything at once, just do whatever is possible and reasonable for you. With small changes, you’ll be able to change your life over time and succeed in improving your hormonal balance.

Resource(s): wellnessmama

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