6 Incredible Benefits of Geranium Essential Oil

Aromatherapy has exploded in recent years with more and more people choosing essential oils over medications for minor health-related issues. One of the major benefits of essential oils is that theyíre extremely versatile. One essential oil can often be used to treat a wide variety of ailments.

Take Geranium oil for example. Itís been used for thousands of years, being traced back to the ancient Egyptians, who used it in beauty treatments. Now, as youíll see in todayís video, people use Geranium oil to treat more than just their skin.

Fights Infections
Whether you have an infection, a skin infection or a respiratory infection, Geranium oil can help. Topically, the antibacterial properties in this powerful oil kills bacteria on your skin, when applied and can also help cleanse a small cut. For topical issues, simply put two drops of this essential oil onto the affected area two times a day. Be sure to cover the area and allow the oil to soak completely into the skin.

When used as an inhalant, geranium essential oil fights against respiratory infections. Breathing in the aroma allows the body to take advantage of the antibiotic effects internally. It reduces inflammation thus clearing airways for improved breathing. Drop a a small amount of the geranium oil at the opening of your nostrils or on your throat and breathe deeply.

Wound treatment
You can use geranium essential oil on fresh wounds as well as scars. When you have a cut, by applying this treatment your allowing the oil to improve circulation and draw more oxygen and nutrients to the affected area. This quickens the healing process. After the wound has healed and begun to scar, geranium essential oil, when massaged on the area, has a fading effect. Anyone whoís concerned about unsightly scars, should try this essential oil.

Skin Blemishes
Geranium essential oil is a fantastic treatment for acne. It beautifies damaged skin affected by dermatitis. Used in conjunction with coconut oil it becomes a great natural moisturizer thatís capable of reducing wrinkles too. Mix a teaspoon of coconut oil with five drops of geranium oil and rub it on the desired area morning and evening.

Muscle and Joint Treatment
Geranium oil works has an anti-inflammatory effect when massaged on sore muscles and joints. Reducing swelling, helps fight the pain associated with arthritis over-worked muscles. It can also tighten the skin when used in the same manner. This fights against droopy skin. Add some jojoba oil with geranium oil for a toning effect.

Kills Body Odor
Have you ever thought about using this essential oil rather than a chemical-filled industrial deodorant? The anti-bacterial properties in geranium oil can eliminate smelly odors. Add one tablespoon of distilled water for every drop of geranium oil to a spray bottle and use it after leaving the shower or on furniture and rugs that have a less than pleasant smell.

Natural Diuretic
Used in a diffuser, geranium oil helps to cleanse the body. By increasing the frequency of urination, the oil can help rid your body of toxins and other pollutants. It can also increase your metabolism.

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