7 Unusual Ways To Fix Common Health Problems

We tend to think we know our body perfectly, don’t we?

The truth is that the human body is an amazing machine, and despite all the advances that have occurred in medicine, there’s always something new about to be discovered.

In today’s article, we’re going to teach you some very unusual tricks that can solve some of your health problems in ways you can not imagine:

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7 Unusual Ways To Fix Common Health Problems

Anxiety is a normal emotion, but like everything else, too much can do a lot of harm to your health. Try putting your thumb in your mouth like newborn babies do and blowing hard. Avoid letting the air out. This will create an internal pressure that stimulates the vagus nerve, reducing pressure and heart rate.

Toothaches can be terrible and we don’t always have access to a dentist or medicine that will give us immediate relief. In addition to other natural remedies, you can turn to something as simple as an ice cube to solve this problem. One study has shown that holding and rubbing an ice cube between your thumb and index finger is a great way to relieve painful toothaches.

Itchy throat
Our throat is usually itchy when there’s some kind of irritation in it. This can occur for several reasons, such as an allergy or even an infection. But if your throat is itchy, something simple like scratching or massaging your earlobes can relieve discomfort. By doing this, you will be stimulating the nerves in your ears, which relieves the itch in your throat.

Nobody likes getting shots. This phobia becomes a problem when it keeps you from getting the treatment you need. If you’re afraid of getting shots, try coughing over and over before hand. It seems strange but one study has shown that this is able to reduce the perceived pain during injections.

Stuffy nose
Nasal congestion is a very uncomfortable symptom of colds, flus and allergies. Before you start medicine to breathe normally, try this tip. Bring your tongue to the roof of your mouth and press the upper area of your eyebrows with your fingers. Stay like this for 20 seconds and then release. This practice helps drain your sinuses.

If you are feeling stressed or nervous, try drinking a glass of cold water and then holding your breath for a few minutes. When you do this, your body will carry oxygen to your brain quicker, which eventually causes relaxation.

Burn scars
Many people who burn themselves put ice on the burned area. However, you really shouldn’t do that. Applying ice to a burn can end up damaging your skin even more. Instead of putting ice on the burn, try pressing the area lightly with your fingers in order to balance the temperature in the burnt area, thus avoiding further damage to the skin.

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