Eating Your Biggest Meal at THIS Time of Day Will Make You Lose Weight

There are plenty of options out there for anyone who wants to lose some weight: fad diets, magic pills, and other methods to shave a few inches off your waist.

But if you’ve ever tried out any of these alternatives then you know they’re not as great as they seem to be. Many of the tips may work, but only when paired with a balanced diet.

Losing weight has more to do with calorie counting than these so called hacks.

Calories, plain and simple, are the amount of energy a food gives you, and if you want to lose weight, than you have to use up more energy than you consume on a daily basis.

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This idea has been around for years because it can actually be proved by science, and anyone can test it by reducing their daily calorie intake.

A recent study, however, took into consideration another factor—the time of day when we eat.

In order to come to this conclusion, scientists monitored 520 overweight patients as they went through a 20 week obesity treatment. The people were divided into two groups.

One group ate earlier, and the other group ate later on, and they used lunch as their their main meal. The amount of calories ingested by each groups was the same.

The results turned out to be quite intriguing.

The researchers discovered that those who ate earlier lost more weight during the same amount of time as the others. This is due to two things. First of all, eating after three o’clock slowed down the metabolism of the second group and they also became more sensitive to insulin, increasing their risk of diabetes.

Other factors such as the total amount of calories, sleep quality, and hormones were’t taken into consideration, but there weren’t any significant differences between the two groups, which suggests that the time at which we eat plays an important role in weight loss.

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