Here’s Why You Should Place Sliced Lemons Beside Your Bed At Night

This oval burst of bright sunlight – a lemon – is a jewel, filled with hidden nutritional gems.

And if you think lemon only belongs in the kitchen, you may be surprised to learn of its other uses.

Keeping lemon slices in your bedroom at night does more for you than provide a pleasant aroma.

In today’s video we’ll follow the scent of the lemon to the bedroom and examine 7 ways it can provide relaxation and relief.

1. Improves Breathing If a stuffy nose is keeping you from sleeping, place some lemons nearby; they will sprint to your rescue. The gentle scent of this citrus fruit will open your airways and allow you to fall asleep quickly.

2. Enhances Air Quality Lemon slices can slice through harmful bacteria that’s lingering in the air. And lemons will leave your room with a fresh citrus smell.

3. Stress Relief This mood-enhancer can keep those sleep bandits away. At bedtime, place a few lemon slices close enough to catch their scent.

4. Lowers Blood Pressure When the aroma of a lemon is drawn into your body, your blood pressures begins to decrease.

5. Repels Insects The staunch smell of bug spray is offensive. Luckily, there’s a more pleasant way to make insects respect your personal space. When outside, keep sliced lemons strategically placed.

6. Enhances energy and boosts your mood Waking up next to the scent of lemons will certainly cause you to breath deep…deep and slow.

Before your feet hit the ground, you will already have a sense of refreshment. How is this possible? This citrus aroma rings the wake-up bell in your brain, telling it to fire up its production of serotonin. This is the happy hormone which kicks the negative energy to the curb.

7. Increases Focus Once you feel a sense of relaxation sweep over you, it’s easier to wake up renewed. And if your day begins and ends with this, the middle part of your day should go easier, as well.

The result is a more focused you.

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