Science Proves These Foods Will Help You Live Longer

Have you ever heard about spermidine?

This substance found naturally in certain foods has been associated with exceptional health benefits.

Although we’ve never actually cracked the secret, longevity has increased a lot in the last couple of decades, especially due to the advances in medicine.

What can we do to increase our lifespan?

As you probably already know, your eating habits play an important role in your health and lifespan.

It’s also been proven by several studies, including one on a substance called spermidine that can be found in lots of foods.

Spermidine can be found in its natural form in all living organisms and is especially present in sperm, intestinal bacteria, and some other cells.

It’s main function is to activate autophagy, the cellular cleansing process.

But the thing that has brought it to the attention of scientists and researchers is its ability to increase longevity.

The problem with spermidine is that as we age, our body stops producing it gradually, especially if we don’t follow a proper diet, so we need to supplement it.


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