The 5 Worst Artificial Food Additives And How To Eliminate Them

When our parents used to tell us to eat our vegetables, we didn’t know that they were actually worried about our health.

In fact, not all foods are equal. Some foods are more nutritious than others, while some (mainly the processed ones) are full of additives we can’t even pronounce.

These substances are added to our food in order to maintain or modify their flavor and improve their appearance.

The real question here is: are they safe for our health?

Some additives come from natural sources, like salt and vinegar. We consider these to be safe, mainly because they’ve been used for centuries.

In the mean time, over the last century, a large amount of additives have been used in the production of food, making people question the safety of those additives.

Although these foods may be convenient, health should always be our first priority.

So we made a list of a few additives that are commonly found in the food we eat, and have some health risks.

Resources and References: healthline and draxe

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