This Is Why You Should Be Mixing Sugar In Your Shampoo

Mixing sugar with your shampoo may sound like a crazy idea, but it actually makes a lot of sense.

According to specialists, sugar improves circulation in your scalp and performs a deep cleanse.

Through exfoliation, it promotes hair growth and capillary detoxification.

So, adding sugar to your shampoo is one of the best ways to fight oiliness, and improve your hairís beauty and health. Once you do that, your hair will be ready to better absorb your conditioner.

As we all know, a good massage improves blood circulation, and your scalp is no different, massages can help your hair grow faster.

All you have to do is add a tablespoon of sugar to a little shampoo.

Then apply it directly on to your scalp.

Massage it in with the tips of your fingers.

Dermatologists advise you not to use too much sugar, since it could remove more oil than necessary.

And, as everyone knows, natural oils are important to protect your hair.

Balance is key.

With this treatment, your hair will be stronger, shinier, and smoother.

Resources and References: businessinsider

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