This Is Why You Should NEVER Dry Your Clothes Inside

There are several advantages to having your own garden or porch at home, and one of the best ones is the opportunity you have to hang your clothes out to dry.

Nowadays, however, we don’t always have the extra room. So what do we do? We end up hanging our clothes up inside our houses, or even placing them on the heater to dry.

If you do this, then this article is for you. Today we’re going to show you how this apparently harmless habit can have several health risks involved.

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Craig Mather was an Englishman who suffered from serious lung problems due to mold spores. His doctor told him it might have started after he stared drying his clothes inside on the heater.

Specialists say that this habit can be extremely harmful for our health, since we’re increasing the humidity in our living environment by up to 30%, and making it more favorable for mold to grow.

Recently washed clothes can hold liters of water, which end up evaporating inside our homes. For most healthy people, this isn’t an issue but if you suffer from asthma it could cause coughing and breathing problems.

People with a weak immune system like Craig might even develop a pulmonary infection. This infection is known as pulmonary aspergillosis, and can cause serious damage to your lungs, or even kill you.

According to Pheena Kenny of the Asthma Society of Ireland, elderly people, babies, kids, and eczema patients are also at risk. It’s also known that the worst months are January and February, with August and September right behind them.

In order to avoid complications, try to dry your clothes outdoors, and if that’s not an option, use a clothes drier and place it far away from the highly trafficked areas of your home.

In addition try to keep your house well ventilated and climate controlled, in order to avoid fungus and dust mites.

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