Trouble Sleeping? Try These 5 Best Essential Oils for Sleep

Modern technology and the ramped up pace of society that goes along with it has caused people to willingly abandon the proper amount of sleep for any number of reasons. Health professionals recommend 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep each night to avoid serious long-term health issues that stem from added stress on the heart.

Most people agree that sleep is extremely important and should never be neglected; however, some, because of poor habits, have a difficult time falling asleep at night, even when they desperately need it. Poor eating habits, stress, and a lack of exercise may contribute to temporary insomnia.

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Thereís good news though. If you suffer from a lack of sleep, itís not necessary to resort to prescription sleep aids that can cause addiction, and in some cases, impair judgment. Diffusing essential oils before bed may be the natural remedy that you need but havenít known about until now.

These oils can lower stress levels and carry no harmful side effects. So, which oils are good for treating sleep disorders and how do you diffuse them? Letís start with the diffusing.

First, if you plan on buying a diffuser, find one that shuts off by itself so that you can drift off to sleep with no worries. If you already have a diffuser and it doesnít turn of by itself, then be careful not to forget to turn it off before you go to sleep.

Now, letís take a look at the oils that can prepare you for your long-awaited trip to la-la land.

High on the list needs to be lavender essential oil. Itís a good all-purpose essential oil that works wonders on anxiety and promotes healthy relaxation. In the same category with the floral lavender, Roman Chamomile also stands out as an effective stress reducer. It has a calming effect, and has been used by those who suffer from insomnia for quite some time.

Rounding out this group of florals, comes an essential oil from the Far EastóYlang Ylang. Itís great for those who have panic attacks and are constantly on edge.

Aside from the florals, we would recommend one citrus based essential oil and one that originates from a spice. Bergamot, bucking the trend of most citrus essential oils that stimulate the senses, has the opposite effect. It has a great smell, but its ability to help you relax will be the reason you keep it around.

Marjoram essential oil comes from a small perennial herb and not only allows us to relax, but also can help lower blood pressure. Since this oil is sensitive to light, make sure you store it in a dark place.

When diffusing essential oils, use only oils purchased from a reliable source. With essential oils, the old adage, ìyou get what you pay forî is certainly true.

As a final note, we would include that if you donít have a diffuser or prefer not to use one, essential oils can be added to a warm bath before bed and will also allow you to mix a few of these essential oils to take advantage of their different effects. A few drops is more than sufficient when used in this way.

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