What Your Acne Is Trying to Tell You About Your Health – Face Mapping

Have you ever woken up, looked in the mirror and realized that a pimple had popped up right in the middle of your face? It’s an awkward situation, right? If you start noticing that these pimples always appear on the same areas of your face, then they may indicate a hormonal imbalance. An old practice called “face mapping” can tell you what is causing your acne and how to fix it.

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Face mapping also known as face reading is a traditional Chinese medicinal technique that connects a certain area of your face with an organ or another part of your body, so you can know what to treat in order to get rid of your acne and prevent future health problems. Here’s what it means when pimples appear on certain areas of your face:

If you get zits on your forehead they may be related to your nervous or digestive systems. It could be due to several causes. You could be allergic to a certain food, or you could be having a hard time digesting food, or you might be having liver problems. Stress and lack of sleep are also contributing factors.

Between the eyebrows
Zits that pop up between your eyebrows are usually linked to your eating habits. Although many experts believe that your diet doesn’t directly affect your skin, there are some studies that link an unhealthy diet to acne. Excessive alcohol consumption can also cause pimples to appear between your eyebrows.

When acne appears on your cheek the most probable cause is linked to the environment and personal habits. If you live in a heavily polluted city or are frequently exposed to pollution, that may affect your skin. Respiratory allergies also cause pimples to appear on your cheeks. Talking on the phone when its screen is dirty or eating too much sugar are other habits that could cause this issue. Problems in your gums, teeth or poor oral hygiene can trigger inflammatory processes in the mouth and thereby cause pimples to appear in this region.

Chin zits are normally hormonal, especially in women and around their menstrual cycle. Another probable cause is the excessive consumption of sweet and fatty foods. Lastly, a cause that few realize, is the habit of putting our hands on our chin, when we are bored or tired. That way, we transfer oils and germs from our hands to our chin, which ends up increasing the chances of acne appearing in that region.

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